Being asexual instead of sexual is like being left-handed instead of right-handed. It’s not the way most people are, but it is no better or worse than being anything else. In a classroom with movable one-arm desks, a right-handed person can sit anywhere; a left-handed person can either sit in discomfort at a desk made for the right-handed or locate a left-handed desk and be as comfortable as everyone else. It takes a little more effort for the left-handed person to fit in, but that is because culture is dominated by the right-handed, not because a left-handed person is biologically inferior.
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Apparently, I fought well.


Apparently, I fought well.


Person: You should try dressing normal for once



Tai Zi Wan Park, Hangzhou, China 

Chris Evans: Chris Hemsworth’s #1 fanboy (x) & (x)


rev. ruby in the middle of an exorcism!!

BONUS!!! with hellfire version


now between all the angsting about cecilos we’re really not talking enough about how old woman josie stared down an angel who talked back to her until sweat ran down their seven cheekbones
don’t mess with old woman josie


HELP! I am a 21 year old transgender woman who desperately need’s a place to rent! I am homeless right now, I have been couch surfing place to place and my fund’s & spirit’s have begun to run low. I am very plight and respectful, I have a 8 year old female black cat…

— farewell, warden!

            we’re counting on you.